Swinghandle RS 105 for PHZ, RC2



-Zinc die swinghandle with pivotable operating lever for profile-cylinder and ound rods. For metal and plastic enclosures, 90° closing rotation.      
-RH or LH application.    
-Opening of the swinghandle by turning the key. -Protected against unauthorized access by by a bolt.      
-Handle position clearly shows locking status.  -Suitable for profile-cylinders with length of 40 or 45mm.      
-Cylinder cover magnetically secured.  
-Water- and dust-tight according to IP65    DIN EN 60529     
-Tested according to security class RCII    (DIN EN 1630)     
-Vibration-proof according to DIN EN 61373  -On request the swinghandle can be upgraded with an electrical system, please see www.elinebydirak.de

a) and b)
-Swinghandle, dish, dust over and cap:
 zinc die , black
-Bolt: zinc die, brass
-Shaft: stainless steel
-Washer, nut and screw: steel, zinc plated
-O-ring: NBR
c) and c1)
-3- and 2-point cam: steel, zinc plated
-Round rods: steel, zinc plated
-Adapter: zinc die or PA, black
-Rod guide: PA , black
-Square adapter: zinc die , zinc plated